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We can attend your festival or community event... 


Our interactive dress-up area is perfect for events! We have a huge range of costumes from Romans and Knights to Tudors and Soldiers and our photo backdrops mean you can get some really awesome pictures...


Every day we run craft sessions and

weapons demonstrations. We've recently done Stone age pottery, medieval weapons demonstrations, WW2 rifle handling and lots more. It's the perfect chance to get immersed in history.


We open all day (10am - 4pm) from a 9m wide marquee and we're free to the public. We have fuding for weekend events, but we ask a small donation for day events.



Please get in touch if you'd like to book us...


If you'd like to book us:

Email us at

Or call us on 07900 223477


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Feedback from previous events:


"Strange Old Things The Mobile Museum has been a festival staple at our little family friendly event Chilled in a Field Festival for over 4 years.

Both our little guests and our bigger guests are equally enthralled by the artifacts, the stories that come with them and the way it always seems to be fresh - even the pieces that are really, really old!

Kids and adults get the chance to dress up as a World War 2 soldier, or mull over ancient fossils, or even play with swords. It really is a delight and thoroughly deserving of their funding.

Each year they come back, bigger and better than before with the aim to excite and entrance our guests by bringing history alive. And they have succeeded!"


"We really enjoyed the museum at the Field Of Dreams festival this weekend! I particularly liked that many of the artefacts weren't behind glass and we were encouraged to touch them and pick them up. Being able to physically interact with the objects while learning about them makes the history so much more tangible and relatable. The gentleman who talked to us about them was very engaging and enthusiastic, too I'd love to see more of this at festivals in the future!"



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