Natural History

In this collection we'll be looking at Earth science, allowing people to hold the material that built the early Earth, and exploring how evolution has shaped the diverse animal kingdom we see today.

You can help us by donating any relevant artefacts you might have so that everyone can benefit from seeing them. We wouldn't be able to keep the museum as good as it is without the help we recieve from generous members of the public and other organisations. 

Taxidermy Collection

Our ethically sourced collection of taxidermy allows people to explore British wildlife up close in a way not possible in the wild. We are using this collection to raise awareness of the conservation status of some of our most familiar inhabitants, some of which are in danger of becoming endangered species.

We also have a great many artefacts that you can handle. Our newest attractions include Monty the rock python and Harry the armadillo...


We're expanding our natural history collection as you read this, to make sure you have the best experience possible at our shows and residential visits.


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Strange Old Things...

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