History of Science

In this section we'll be looking at how new ideas have shaped our knowledge of our world and the Universe. It's all interactive and we'll be using natural history collections, period instruments, recreated experiments and artefacts to tell the story of Science from the Greeks to the modern period.


A fascination with the stars is one of the few enduring pursuits that all cultures seem to have in common. In Britain, our very early Neolithic and Bronze age ancestors spent a huge amount of time learning how the sun affected their world. Later, we built impressive machines to measure the solar system...

We use a cardboard mock up of the Solar system to take you on a Grand Tour, explaining each planet and its moons in turn

We use minerals and various other artefacts to help people understand what the planets might be like to visit. 


We've been working on this for a while... Evolution has shaped every aspect of our world. We use artefacts from our Paleontology collection as well as our modern natural history collection to show how and why life has changed over geological time.

Some of our Natural History handling collection.

We use sets of skulls to examine the differences and similarities in different species. 


It's a great attention-grabber as well!


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