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Tidworth History Festival

We're working with Wiltshire Council and the Army Welfare Service to bring you something special for this year's Family Learning Festival...


On the 2nd of November we'll be filling up Tidworth Leisure Centre with a huge History Festival. We'll be joined by Salisbury Museum, The Army Flying Museum, Boscombe Aviation Collection, Wessex Archaeology and many more.


And we'll have a massive array of Mobile Museum activities and displays including a large dress-up area with backdrops for your phone pictures, pottery making, fossil handling, an escape room, an extended display of our Medieval and 20th Century armoury, our brand new exhibition 'Forgotten Fights', Cave painting and shield making and lots more.


There will also be food, refreshments and cakes available.


Did we mention it's all free?


We really want this event to be amazing, so please contact us for more information if you'd like to contribute or if you'd like to sponsor part of the show.

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