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old, interesting items

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so that they can be

enjoyed by everyone.

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We can visit schools and residential settings on Fridays.


Our hour or day visits involve interactive talks, activities and handling sessions with artefacts from any period of British history.

For Schools


We offer interactive learning sessions for KS2 and above, heavily focused on activities, handling artefacts and role play. Our class visits last an hour and can cover any subject you're currently exploring. We also offer day events. We can only take one class at a time, but we can spend the whole day visiting each class in turn, or set up our display in a central location for classes to visit throughout the day. These can feature different periods and activities to suit the topics you're coveing.

We ask a donation for these visits:


1 hour class visit - £50

All day visit - £90 

For Groups and Residential settings


We can visit your location with a handling collection and do interactive talks and reminiscence sessions. We can also visit residents who are unable to leave their rooms if staff are available to escort us. If you'd like us to put on a display we're able to set up a museum experience to give residents somewhere to take family members

when they visit.  


We ask a £50 donation for these sessions

For your peace of mind...


Our museum is for everyone. We'retrainined in mental health, ASD and dementia awareness and we have DBS. Please let us know if you'd like us to do things a little differently to accomodate you.

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