This section is full of learning resources from various periods of British history. You will see scans of original letters and photos, never before published or seen publicly, as well as prepared powerpoint presentations on a variety of themes. These resources are all available for public use without permission and

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Roman pottery in Britain
A powerpoint presentation on Roman pottery in Britain, given to the Alabare history group in Salisbury in March 2014
HERITAGE roman pottery.pps
Microsoft Power Point presentation [280.2 KB]


Medieval Salisbury town life
A powerpoint presentation on Medieval Salisbury town life, given to the Alabare Include history group in April 2014.
HERITAGE Medieval Salisbury.pps
Microsoft Power Point presentation [2.0 MB]


First World War
Presentation on Britain in the First World War, given to Alabare's heritage group (which takes place every Monday at 1pm in SP2, Salisbury).
HERITAGE First World War.pps
Microsoft Power Point presentation [218.2 KB]
First World War Letter to parents of a soldier MIA by 11098 Rfn D Small
This fascinating document is the only eyewitness account I know of that describes German soldiers burning the bodies of allied dead. Prevailing theory has always been that they were buried in mass graves.
Letter from 11098 Rfn D Small.jpg
JPG image [655.4 KB]


Maryhill POW camp, Iraq, during the first Gulf war in 1991.
This never-before-seen set of photos is part of a collection of images of Maryhill Prisoner of War camp, which was guarded by British troops. The detainees, all having surrendered at an early stage of the Gulf war, over stretched the resources of the camp, and many were transferred to Rollestone Camp in WIltshire. After the war, they refused to return to Iraq and were granted asylum.
JPG image [1.5 MB]
Waterloo Road, Sierra Leone, 2001
Waterloo Rd, Sierra Leone, 2001.jpg
JPG image [1.2 MB]


The factors that determine how a Museum [...]
Microsoft Power Point presentation [208.6 KB]
The factors that determine how a Museum [...]
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