Our key aims for 2018 - 2019 (Ending Jan 2019) are below:


1. Continue to promote our services with local organisations.


2. Complete Grant funded activity in Tidworth, Melksham and Salisbury areas.


3. Support Salisbury Cathedral and Richmond Fellowship to Deliver 'Hidden History: Sacred Spaces and Sanctuary" (a mental health social inclusion project).


4. Attain land, funding and volunteer support to create a replica WW1 trench system for use with WW1 sessions and as a lasting resource for the community.


Following from last years plan:


We do not meet the eligibility criteria for accreditation to ACE, nor would we be able to maintain the administrative taskings with our small force of volunteers (without a mutiny!)


We have planned 'Our Home Too' project, but it is currently on hold as other funded projects have been undertaken (Hidden History etc)


We have completed the upgrade to our Natural History and Paleontology collections.


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