We can attend your festival or community event...

We can attend your festival or weekend event with our 9m display area and do history workshops, activities and demonstrations for all ages,

all weekend, 10am - 4pm.


If you have more room, we always have plenty of ideas to fill it! Some of the things we've done before have included:

Stone Age tool making,

Medieval weapons demonstrations,

Roman mock battles,

Longbow archery,

Cave Painting,

Code Breaking,

History talks

And many others...


We have a dress-up area for the kids, loads of hands-on displays and genuine artefacts as well as regular demonstrations and activities.


Also available is our static display exploring the role of women in conflict. It's called 'Bed Spaces' and features a mock up of three sleeping quarters, one from each of the conflicts we cover. The display is set up to look like the owner has just left for work, all their personal letters and possessions are still lying about for people to have a look at and you can even try on the uniforms they've left behind. It's a great way to get a glimpse of a moment in time. 


  We make sure we vary the displays and workshops so every day is different.


If you think we'd go down well at your event, please get in touch...


We normally ask a donation of £50

for weekend events.


We may ask for additional travel expenses if your event is a long way away (we're Wiltshire born and bred, but we love to travel!)


Unfortunately, we are not currently able to support day events. 


All our donations go straight back into the project and will help to finance new exhibits for next year.


If you'd like to book us:

Email us at 


Or call us on 07900 223477


We'd love to chat on Facebook too...



07900 223477


Strange Old Things...

Please consider

donating your

old, interesting items

to our collection

so that they can be

enjoyed by everyone.

Email or ring us for details.

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