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Please consider

donating your

old, interesting items

to our collection

so that they can be

enjoyed by everyone.

Email or ring us for details.

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Sponsor the event

Sponsorship is helping to make this event really special and creating a brilliant space for local businesses to get some recognition and publicity from local people. We're hoping to get over 500 people through the door on the day.


You can sponsor a display case for as little as £20.

Each one contains a professional display of museum artefacts that and we'll include your branding on the signage. We'll also leave a stack of your business cards on the table for people to take away. You can see examples below. 


Sponsor a stall for £45

The stalls are set-piece displays that will attract hundreds of people during the day. They consist of a large table with displays, information boards and banners. Each one is themed to a different period with a handling collection, displays items andd activities. We'll include your branding on the main information panels, A4 signage and we'll leave your business cards out as well. We'll also give you a space for advertising on our hand-out map which we'll be giving out free on the day. You can see examples below.


We'd love to hear from you if you have any other ideas of how we can work together on the festival.


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