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Conflict - For November 2019


For November 2019 we're bringing together different parts of our collection to create: 'Conflict'; a light hearted but thought-provoking look at Britain's wars from the 19th century to Afghanistan. It will be told from the point of view of ordinary people, soldiers and civilians from both sides.
We have a 9m x 3m marquee for outdoor displays, which feature a handling collection of artefacts, weapons demonstrations and costume dress-up areas for all ages, and an interactive experience called 'bedspaces' where people can explore a mock-up of soldiers' accomodation.
We're asking an £80 donation for this for a whole day.
We can also provide an indoor event, without the bedspaces aspect bit with all the other aspects, which can run in the morning or afternoon.
We're asking a £50 donation for this. 
All donations will go towards making 'Conflict' a bigger, better feature for 2020. Watch this space!
Available dates are:
2 Nov 19
3 Nov 19
16 Nov 19
17 Nov 19
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