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Seeking Strange Old Things...

Please consider donating your

old, interesting items to our

collection so that they can be

enjoyed by everyone.

Email or ring us for details.

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Welcome to our mobile museum, if not the first of its kind, then certainly the best.

We are a charitable organisation and we aim to bring our extensive museum collection of period artefacts into the community for everyone to enjoy.

We're fully mobile! 

We hold exhibitions at local and regional events and festivals across the South of England.

We also organise educational days for schools, interactive talks for clubs and other organisations, and bespoke events.

 We're non-profit, so we only ask a small donation and expenses for our services. The display space is large enough for people to get a genuine museum experience. Because it’s a mobile collection, it’s something else that most museums are not:

Fully interactive!

You can try on the costumes and uniforms, swing the swords and read the letters. Whether you're interested in mammoth teeth or artillery shells, there is no better way to learn about history than to hold it.

What We Offer

The museum can be set up at most events and we can tailor our displays to suit any themes you may have. We do talks and demonstrations throughout the day, so it's great fun for kids and adults alike. 


We also offer interactive talks for schools and community groups where we pass around relevant artefacts from our collection.


We produce family trees and we conduct research on any

unidentified items you have. 


Please do email any questions/comments/suggestions/feedback

so we can improve this project. 


We are always seeking new items of interest for our collection, for details of how to loan or donate your strange old thing to the museum, call us or email us.



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Seeking Strange Old Things:

 if you have an interesting old item that sits lonely in a cupboard somewhere, please consider donating or lending it to the museum. We have built up our varied collection largely through donations of items that we have helped to identify and restore. Give us a ring or email us.